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Jody L Meyer

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Southwest Fox 2017, Gilbert, AZ, October 26-29, 2017

Toni M. Feltman presents: Putting the Pieces Together for Web Development

Level: Beginner

Up until recently I just didn't "get" how all pieces fit together when it came to Web Development. I knew and understood the basic fundamentals like HTML, CSS, Javascript, ASP.NET, and so on. What I never could fully grasp was how the pieces should be assembled. I read articles, watched videos, and even deployed a web site built upon a simple web framework that someone else wrote. I still couldn't make sense of it after following the step-by-step directions. It was not until I began to match up web techniques and components with things I had done in Visual FoxPro that I really started to understand.

This session will take you on a journey building parallel systems (a simple one) using both FoxPro and web technologies so that you can better understand how to build web applications using common architecture.

You will learn:

  • Basic web terminology and how it relates to Visual FoxPro terms
  • Using layers appropriately for various application types (Web Terminology = Layers)
  • How to quickly and easily build simple web applications using your Visual FoxPro experience
  • To understand how the web pieces fit together and should be assembled
  • Prerequisites: Basic understanding of web technologies such as HTML and CSS, and of various different type of objects in Visual FoxPro and how they can be used
Toni M. Feltman

  ~ Toni Feltman 2017 Southwest Fox Session ~

Toni Feltman

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Summer Break GRAFUG  S U M M E R     B R E A K  
Summer Break GRAFUG  S U M M E R     B R E A K  
09/08/18 Southwest Fox 2017, Gilbert, AZ, October 26-29, 2017

  2018 SWFox Practice Session

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10/13/18 Southwest Fox 2017, Gilbert, AZ, October 26-29, 2017

  2018 SWFox Practice Session

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