GRAFUG September 2011 Meeting Recap

Thank you to everyone who joined us on September 10th for another great GRAFUG meeting. We had a great double session!

Main Presentation

Programming Standards and Guidelines for Software Craftsmanship: by Rick Schummer

Rick gave a terrific session on programming standards and guidelines. It was a session everyone should see. Whether you are already disciplined and have a great system of standards and guidelines that you adhere to, this session will give you new ideas of how you can enhance your productivity by following experienced and seasoned guidelines. As we stated on our web site this is a session that will be available at Southwest Fox. So be sure to keep this one in mind when you are planning your schedule. You will truly enjoy this one.

Main Presentation 2 (Via Skype for voice & Mikogo for desktop sharing)

Fox on the Run: by Eric Selje

Eric gave a great presentation on using Foxpro to develop web based apps that you can you use with mobile devices. This is an exciting new avenue for us programmers to explore. This also will be available as a session at Southwest Fox.

Wrapping Up

The following Swag was handed out.

Mike Potjer Water Bottle
Mike Lyzun SQL Server 2008 Book
Jody Meyer Arc Mouse
Lisa Martin Water Bottle

Next Month

To Boldly go Where no VFP'er Has Gone Before - The Tools of Thor (Session I) & (Session II) Practice Session by Jim Nelson

There are a number of valuable tools that are available in other development environments, but are sadly lacking in FoxPro's own IDE. For some time, there has been a considerable effort afoot to expand the list of IDE tools by reproducing (where possible) the tools from other IDEs (such as Visual Studio), by building on and enhancing existing tools, and by creating brand new tools appropriate to FoxPro.

The most visible of these new tools is named Thor. Thor is a tool for managing add-on tools in the IDE. It provides a unified method for registering other tools, simplifying the task of disseminating them, and a user interface to control the assignment of hot keys and developer-defined menus. The UI provides four different methods for accessing these tools:

Final Thoughts

A small but spirited group met for lunch afterwards. It was great fun. What a nice way to bond and share war stories.

Mike Lyzun
GRAFUG Secretary

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