GRAFUG April 2011 Meeting Recap

Thank you to everyone who joined us on April 9th for another great GRAFUG meeting. We had a good turnout. Let's keep it going!


Main Presentation

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 - Implementation and Maintenance by Jody Meyer

Jody discussed / reviewed the book "Microsoft SQL Server 2008 - Implementation and Maintenance" Chapter 1: Lessons 1, 2 and 3. She is new to SQL Server so the meeting turned into a great discussion.

Chapter 1:

Next Month

"How do I do this? " - An exploration in some differences between Visual FoxPro and Visual Studio .NET by Toni Feltman

About the presentation, Toni says:

In the last year I have had the opportunity to begin working on some small .NET components and it was not very easy at times. Yes, the programming language was similar but there were so many .NET specific concepts intertwined with the code that I often found myself completely lost. It all started with the question of "How do I run this piece of code to see if it even works?" Once I had my first "Ah ha" moment, things got better and it was actually fun! This is when I began to realize that maybe other FoxPro developers would have these same conceptual problems that I had. Therefore, at this meeting we will take a casual and laid back look at some of the differences between developing in Visual FoxPro and .NET. Not just in language but in thought processes as well.

We are excited and appreciative that Toni is coming up from Toledo to talk about her experience learning .NET. is making the long trek to meet with us. We are looking forward to an inspiring and motivating presentation.

Final Thoughts

A small but spirited group met for lunch afterwards at Sam's Joint Restaurant. It was great fun. What a nice way to bond and share war stories. Let's have a good turnout in May :)

Mike Lyzun
GRAFUG Secretary

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