GRAFUG March 2011 Meeting Recap

Thank you to everyone who joined us on March 12th for another great GRAFUG meeting. We had a good turnout. Let's keep it going!


Main Presentation

How I use SQL Server Data in VFP by Rick Bean

Rick Bean gave a terrific presentation on how his company went from Foxpro free tables to SQL databases. He also had some fun and interesting stories of the inner workings of the gambling industry. We learned there is a lot of money to be made in gambling. If you are the collector. But seriously, Rick was very generous with his time. He had a detailed handout with a blueprint of what is required to convert to SQL. By following this example you get a good feel for what is involved in this endeavor. Great job Rick!

Rick gave a nice example of the steps to converting to SQL. Here is a brief synopsis:

Wrapping Up

We had some swag to give away again.

Lisa Martin Anti-Bacteria
Terry Carrick xBox Game
Mike Timpe t-Shirt
Rich Addison WLC blue water bottle
Frank Dolinar Azure in Action
Mike Lyzun Anti-Bacteria
Rick Bean (guest speaker) Mug

Next Month

(We are meeting at Meyer Manor again! If you need directions to Jody's home, please email her directly

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 - Implementation and Maintenance by Jody Meyer

Jody will be talking about SQL Server 2008. She will be discussing the book "Microsoft SQL Server 2008 - Implementation and Maintenance" and talking about her experiences going through that book. Chapter 1: Lesson 1 covers Hardware and Software Requirements. Lesson 2 covers Selecting SQL Server Editions and Lesson 3 covers Installing and Configuring SQL Server Instances.

She will also be also be going through installing an instance of SQL Server.

Final Thoughts

A small but spirited group met for lunch afterwards at Arnies Restaurant. It was great fun. What a nice way to bond and share war stories. Let's have a good turnout in April :)

Mike Lyzun
GRAFUG Secretary

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