GRAFUG Meeting February 12, 2011

Thank you to everyone who joined us on February 12th for another great GRAFUG meeting.


Main Presentation

Introduction to SQL by Rick Schummer

Rick Schummer was nice enough to travel across state to give a presentation on Microsoft SQL server. He claimed this was an "on the fly" presentation, but you wouldn't have known it. It was extremely informative and presented in an interactive way, that allowed everyone to contribute and understand at a pace that worked well for all.

Rick showed us:

Wrapping Up

We had some swag to give away again.

Mike Potjer XBox game - MotorSports 3.0
Mike Timpe T-Shirt
Rich Addison Mug
Mike Lyzun Windows 7 Book
Jody Meyer Mug

Next Month

How I use SQL Server Data in VFP by Rick Bean

I highly recommended making an effort to make March's meeting. It looks to be an informative session on how to migrate your Foxpro apps to an SQL server backend.

Rick's company went from xBase tables to FP tables in a mixed FPW/VFP environment to now almost exclusively using MS SQL Server. While he'll probably touch on some other techniques that they looked at, he can provide more information and answer more questions based on what they use now.

Final Thoughts

A small but spirited group met for lunch afterwards at Arnies Restaurant. It was great fun. What a nice way to bond and share war stories. Let's have a good turnout in March :)

Mike Lyzun
GRAFUG Secretary

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