GRAFUG Meeting January 8, 2011

Thanks to all who attended our January 2011 meeting. We really appreciate the participation.

Officer Elections

Our first order of business was electing new officers. Cathy Pountney declined to continue as Secretary but Mike Lyzun (who wasn't in attendance) had previously volunteered to take over the position. All other officers volunteered to continue in their offices. Therefore, the 2011 GRAFUG officers are:

A sincere thanks to all our officers. Without the volunteers, we wouldn't have a group.


Grand Rapids .NET group has restarted this month. You can find them on the web at:

Jody is now working for White Light Computing. We're very happy for her, and jealous too, because the WLC crew of Rick Schummer, Frank Perez, and Paul Mrozowski are a great group of guys. Congrats to Jody!!

VIP, the Michigan Division, is looking for contract programmers with 3+ years of VFP experience, $25 as a contractor, 40 hours per week, onsite. You can contact Mike Timpe for more information.

Southwest Fox 2011 has been announced. The dates are Oct 26-29. This is slightly later in the month and it goes from Wed - Sat instead of the usual Thu - Sun. The organizers chose to switch it up this year because of some conflicts with the usual week with some religious days. They also chose to end on Sat instead of Sun in recognition of those who wanted to be home in time to celebrate Halloween with their families. Kudos to the organizers for being so conscientious!

Upcoming topics

We spent some time discussing what type of topics we'd like to see in the future.

Main Presentation

Introduction to .NET for VFP Developers by Mike Timpe

Mike suggested some good books:

Visual Basic or C#:

Mike continued with more discussions on .NET.

Thanks Mike!


Once again we were lucky enough to have lots of swag to give away so everyone in attendance got something.

Next Month

We're thrilled to welcome Rick Schummer to GRAFUG for our February 12, 2011 meeting. Topic is TBA.

On a personal note, I want to say it's been a pleasure serving GRAFUG in various positions over the years (Secretary, Vice President, President, and Webmaster). I still plan to attend but I decided to take a break from serving this year so I can spend more time with my family. I applaud Mike Lyzun for volunteering to take over as Secretary and I want to extend my personal "thanks."

Cathy Pountney
GRAFUG (Former) Secretary

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