GRAFUG Meeting November 13, 2010

Thank you to everyone who joined us on November 13th for another great GRAFUG meeting at my home, Meyer Manor. We had a room full which made Dave Hanna from DAFUG feel very welcome.

I also hope you had a wonderful holiday celebration filled with all that you treasure most!


We also reminded everyone that our upcoming meeting this Saturday, January 8th, 2011 is when we'll hold office elections. Jody and Cathy have been carrying the brunt of the workload for GRAFUG for a while and both burned out. We're asking that other members step up and carry some of the load for 2011. Jody's current office of President will be open and Cathy's office of Secretary will be open (Jody will still volunteer as the webmaster). Please think about what type of contributions you can make to GRAFUG in the future. The President is responsible for making sure we have a meeting location and we have a speaker. The Secretary is responsible for taking notes during meetings, getting those out to our members, and making sure the members are aware of upcoming meetings and information.

Main Presentation

Introduction to Regular Expressions by Dave Hanna

This presentation provides an introduction to a powerful tool called "regular expressions". Regular expressions are available in many types of applications (e.g., editors, word processors and system tools), but their power is most fully exposed when used via a programming language.

In this session Dave will:

This was a wonderful presentation. Dave went over many examples of how he uses Regular Expressions for data conversions. He uses the VBScript Regular Expression Object within Visual FoxPro by creating an object reference to it: oRegEx = CREATEOBJECT("VBScript.RegExp"). Just an awesome presentation!

Wrapping Up

We had some SWAG to give away again and everyone got something. Afterwards we all went to Sam's Joint for some great food and conversation.

As always ... if you have any ideas for future meetings, please let us know ... especially if you are volunteering to be the presenter!!

Jody L. Meyer
GRAFUG President

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