GRAFUG Meeting August 14, 2010

First of all, please accept my apologies for taking so long to get this recap out. I have been swamped with preparing sessions for Southwest Fox and the German DevCon conference so I haven't had any time to devote to GRAFUG.

Thanks to everyone who joined us on August 14, 2010 for our GRAFUG meeting. Rick Schummer joined us from Detroit and gave us a great double-header presentation.


First Presentation

Mocking Your Customers by Rick Schummer

This presentation was AWESOME!!

"Mockups" (also known as "Wire-Framing), helps you help your customers figure out what they want. Often they don't know what they want "until they can spit on it". What Rick means is they have to be able to see it before they can tell you if it's what they want. Mockups are a little different than prototypes. When you show a prototype to a customer, they see it and expect it to be ready for production before you walk out the door. They don't understand that it's just for show and there aren't any guts behind it. Mockups, on the other hand, look more like hand-drawn drawings that show the customer what a screen will look like. You could do this on a white board and take digital pictures. You could use paper and draw it by hand. Or you could use "Mockup" software. Any of these methods allow you to convey your ideas without leaving the customer with the impression that it's anywhere close to being ready for production!

Why use Mockups?

Mockup vs Prototyping

Mockups remove the "Proto-Production" pressure (meaning customers see a prototype and expect it to be production ready). They let users do a pseudo "useability" test because they can see it. They also help with marketing your app before you've written it. When developers use mockups, their credibility goes up with the "business men" who are making decisions about purchasing your software or your services.

Rick pointed out some "Pain Points" with using Mockups.

Mockups work well with UI and logic flow shots.

Mockups don't work well with:

Other uses for Mockups:

Mockup Tools:

Rick then showed us Balsamiq Mockups so we could see one in action. It was really cool!!

Overall... this presentation was very well received and everybody loved the Balsamiq Mockup software.

Second Presentation

How Craig Boyd Makes Me A Hero by Rick Schummer

Craig Boyd is a genius!

Craig Boyd creates tons of tools and utilities that he makes available to us for free!

However... Craig doesn't have one easy location for finding all this free stuff. Things are scattered all over his blog so it takes some work to find things, especially if you don't know what you're looking for. Rick is going to create a list and put it in his whitepaper for Southwest Fox so attendees will have a great resource.)

I don't have specific notes and details about each of these tools but here's a list of several tools available from Craig Boyd.

Lots of "wows" from everyone during this presentation. We encourage you to do some investigation on Craig's blog: SPS Blog

Wrapping Up

Both of Rick's presentations were well-received!!! Cool stuff!!!

SWAG Give Away
Name Swag
Rick Schummer t-shirt
Lisa Martin Windows Powershell Book

Several of us went out to lunch after the meeting and as always, we continued the great conversations.

As always ... if you have any ideas for future meetings, please let us know ... especially if you are volunteering to be the presenter!!

Cathy Pountney

GRAFUG Secretary


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