GRAFUG Meeting April 10, 2010

It's been a very busy summer. Sure hope everyone has enjoyed some time off to recharge those batteries. Behind the scenes here at GRAFUG ... it's been vacation time as well. But ... it's time to take off the sun glasses, put down the blue raspberry slushy and git some work done.

Did you know?

There is another most excellent book out for us Visual FoxPro junkies: Making Sense of Sedna. Some of our favorite people have contributed to this book: Our very own Cathy Pountney and Rick Schummer. To get this book, please go to:

What We Discussed - Double header with Rick Schummer

As always, Rick leads a great presentation and discussion for us. In his first topic discussion, he covered his VFP and MySQL: Case Study for Remote Data (Southwest Fox 2009 presentation) - Rick used GoDaddy & MySQL which allows direct database access. Please see

Compelling reasons to go to remote data: Security, Optimization, Stability, Volume, Transaction Processing, Backups

Drawbacks for Remote Data: Licensing, Tools, Deployment, Performance, Costs

How do you decide on Database: What do you know? What do you want to learn? Is there an existing product already? What does the server platform support? What are the technology pros and cons? Not a trivial decision

Remote Data Tools: PHPMyAdmin (MySQL), SQLYog (MySQL), SQL Server Management Studio (SQLServer), MSDE Manager (SQLServer), Visual FoxPro 9 Data Explorer (all)

Challenges: New SQL Syntax, BROWSE and Data manipulation in VFP, Additional tools and licensing to purchase, DBAs might be a challenge to work with, Security could break your app, Data/Time fields can break date math, Case sensitivity is a pain.

Resources: MySQL Client-Server Applications with Visual FoxPro, Visual FoxPro Best Practices for the Next Ten Years - Andy Kramek, Client-Server Applications with Visual FoxPro and SQL Server 7.0, Visual FoxPro Wiki, VFPSQL - TSQL - Mapping, SqlVsDbf

Case Tool: You need to create your database, tools make it easier & lots of choices, design is independent of the implementation, pick physical database later, standards for consistency and conformance: xCase Tools ( - Rick uses this for SQL Server, xCase Professional Edition Version 9 (big bucks but totally worth it)

Often the Case tool is more powerful than the native designers, leads to faster development, powerful analysis reporting and printing of design, repository for domains (consistent columns definition), Different views of the model, and synchronization of model to database

Making a Connection: DNS (Data Source name) - password is stored in plain text, Connection Strings - can be stored in plain text, dbc, or encrypted files and assembled programmatically (ini). Good place to go for any backend database:

Remote Data in Visual FoxPro: Remote views, CursorAdapters, SQL Passthrough (SPT), ActiveX data Objects (ADO)

Upsizing to MySQL: Rick uses xCase. Also: Stru2MySQL_2 - Ed Leafe - / Kevin Cully, DB-Convert, Custom Code

Upsizing to SQL Server: Sedna Upsizing Wizard - Microsoft / Doug Hennig, Custom Code

~ Break~

If your head wasn't spinning with all the great discussion on using a remote data, we took a short break and then headed into Rick's second topic: Shining in Front of Your Future Boss .

Key take away points: Understanding the purpose of the resume, tips for a solid resume, shortcuts to get in front of the right parties, how to prepare yourself for an interview, handling the interview and getting yourself elevated to the front of the line, follow-up task to do after the interview, the art of negotiating the best compensation package.

Getting connected: Traditional way and used resources such as: LinkedIn, Twitter, Technical forums, blogging, conferences, CodeCamps, GiveCamps



After the meeting several people usually go to Arnie's for lunch to continue the great conversations. Plan to join us if you can.

As always ... if you have any ideas for future meetings, please let us know ... especially if you are volunteering to be the presenter!!

Jody L Meyer

GRAFUG President


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