GRAFUG Meeting August 8, 2009

Thanks to everyone who attended the special August meeting. Not only did we meet when we donít usually meet, but we had a double-header with two great presentations.

Sorry itís taken me so long to get the recap put together, but our regular secretary wasnít at this meeting and Iíve been busy preparing my sessions for SWFox.


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Main Topic #1

Jim Nelson

PEM Editor 4 Ė Swiss Army Knife for the Form and Class Designers

(SWFox Rehearsal)

The PEM Editor is a tool that encompasses the same functionality as the native Edit Properties Dialog, Edit Methods Dialog, Edit Property/Method Dialog, and the Properties Window all rolled into one. It also provides additional features not offered by the native tools.

You can download this tool from VFPx ( It also comes with extensive documentation. You can install this tool to run standalone on demand (a hotkey is great for this) or you can set up FoxPro to fire this tool instead of the native tool from FoxProís main menu.

Iíve been using the PEM Editor for quite some time and I have to admit that after seeing Jimís presentation, I quickly realized I am way under using this tool. I had no idea the power it has. When compared to the native tools Ö this thing is on steroids! I love that it lets you customize how it looks and what settings and defaults you want.

I encourage everyone to download this utility and start using it today!!

Main Topic #2

Rick Schummer

Enhancing the VFP IDE with VFPX

(SWFox Rehearsal)

VFPX is the future of Visual FoxPro. This is where we the community can extend VFP. The xbase pieces of VFP, are all released on VFPX so we can fix bugs and add enhancements. In addition, there are numerous ďprojectsĒ released on VFPX that provide new features, tools, and utilities for working with VFP. These are all community supported meaning, we developers donate our time to these projects.

You can get to VFPX on CodePlex with this link: http://

You should also be able to get there through this link:

In Rickís session he showed us several projects on VFPX. He didnít show all of them (that would take a long time) but he shows some really cool ones. Also note, that because VFPX is an ongoing thing, everything Rick showed us is subject to change because the developers are constantly adding new features. Hereís a quick list of what he showed us.

  • ClassBrowserX: Adds additional exporting features.

  • VFP Help File: Has additional entries and a much improved index. For example, all the SYS() functions are listed in the index.

  • New Property Method Dialog (precursor to PEM Editor). Rick uses this in some situations because itís light weight.

  • PEM Editor

  • SCCTextX

  • Tabbing Navigation

  • Control Rename Rebuilder

  • Code Analyst

  • If you havenít been out to VFPX lately, take a look around. Thereís a ton of stuff worth getting. Also, we encourage everyone to get involved. Do you have a utility that would benefit others? Submit it to share. Do you have some time to spare? Help do some development on an existing project. Donít want to develop? Thatís okay too .. volunteer your time to work on documentation for an existing project.

    Give Aways

    As usual, we had some swag to give away to our speakers and to some members.

  • Jim Nelson - SWFox bag

  • Rick Schummer Ė MSFT ASP.NET 3.5 Step by Step by George Shepher

  • Terry Carrick Ė Stress Ball

  • Cathy Pountney Ė Stress Ball

  • In addition to our normal swag, Jim Nelson works for the Kong Company and he brought along wonderful SWAG which our special guest, Beau, eagerly accepted. For those that donít know, Beau is Jody Meyerís Chocolate Lab and he comes to our meetings when they are held at MAGI. As a side note, even Beau is on Twitter (Beau_Triumph).

    Additional News

    The Lansing Southwest Fox Rehearsal event was a big hit. Six speakers practiced their SWFox presentations in front of a crowd of about 20 people. As speakers, we really appreciate the opportunity to practice and we want to thank everyone that came.

    The three Michigan FoxPro user groups, GRAFUG, DAFUG, and MMFUDG, each contributed money to put on this event. Attendees each donated $20 or more and the speakers donated their time. After the expenses were paid, weíre proud to announce that almost $600 was left to contribute to the Ceil Silver Ambassador Fund (

    The Ceil Silver Ambassador Fund is intended to raise money from the VFP community to bring a developer to the Southwest Fox conference as an ambassador for the developers in his or her country. This gives the recipient the opportunity to meet and share experiences with developers attending Southwest Fox and gives other attendees the opportunity to learn about VFP development in the recipient's country.

    Great job everyone!!!

    Next Meeting

    September 12, 2009 at 10:00

    This is another double-header so plan to spend extra time with us! Also, our normal meeting place isnít available this month so weíre meeting at MAGI again. (see for details).

    Cathy Pountney will be rehearsing her two Southwest Fox sessions:

  • Making the Most of VFP 9 SP2 Reports (Part I)

  • Making the Most of VFP 9 SP2 Reports (Part II)

  • Sheís gotten rave reviews by those who recently saw this double-header in Chicago so donít miss this.

    Future Meetings

    October 10, 2009

    Another double header. Jody Meyer and Mike Feltman will each be rehearsing one of their Southwest Fox sessions.

    November 14, 2009

    Looking for a speaker

    December 12, 2009

    We decided to suspend the December meeting because everyone is always so busy this time of year. Officer elections will be held at the January meeting.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone at the September meeting.


    Cathy Pountney

    GRAFUG Vice-President and Acting Secretary


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