GRAFUG Meeting April 11, 2009

Fox Pro News:

New updates on Codeplex:  FoxTabs - now has a button to turn off the rapid updates during a search.

David, Beau and Jody were attic dwellers at "Lyonstock" in Buffalo, NY (a VFP get together)

Cathy announced on her blog: M$ released a hotfix for VFP SP2 (,
see it for the instructions.

There is a bug in one of the _FFC report libraries : see blog for swapping the 2 lines of code

With Vista:
Virtual store - user/name/apps VFP makes a copy of any class changes here. Drill down into the VS

Mike Potjer: Ability to change the security settings of some of the VS folders so they get updated

Future Presentations:

May 9, 2009 - Toni Feltman:  Subversion Demonstration 

June 13, 2009 -  Representatives of Sybase’s Advantage Database Server team plan to demonstrate extending a VFP applications size of data capabilities.

Main Presentation

Jody showed tool that is a free pdf tools that allows:

  - Suppression/replacement of the PrimoPDF tool

  - Works under newer O/S as well as 64 bit.

  -Allows watermarks

  - Superimpose an existing pdf on top of another pdf. (called "background") 

  - Password protection


Note: Documentation is under "purchase" on the website.

For WinMAGI customers, they must download BullZip  and the software detects the driver and uses only if installed.
Added types she wants to support to a cboDropdown control. PDF can include a thumbnail of each page.  Ownerpassword required or user password didn't work. passwords are case sensitive no source code

Createobject of the activeX control to bypass app provided dialogs to control programmatically.

Jody prepared a White Paper on her use of Bullzip that is available on the GRAFUG Download page. You can get the needed password to extract the files by using the link. Click here to go to Download page.


SWAG Drawings

A new shipment of SWAG from Microsoft came in for members only. At least 2 items will be given away at each meeting. The presenter gets 1st choice.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the March meeting.


Mike Timpe

GRAFUG Secretary


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