GRAFUG Meeting March 14, 2009

Fox Pro News:

Jody showed the GRAFUG website and  discussed her efforts to update any broken kinks.  She showed a video from the Twitter gang comparing VFP and .NET.  that is located in the “Links” page of the GRAFUG website.    Dot Net Chick vs. Ms. Fox Pro

New at

Jody discussed Twitter some more while we were waiting for our speakers.  Twitter has a limit of 100 “Tweets” per hour.  TweetDeck auto refreshes while, refreshing must be done manually. was used by Toni Feltman.    TwitScoop shows words that are being used right now and the status changes constantly.

Mike Timpe discussed Linked-in, a social networking site which might be useful in contacting people not on our normal blogs/UT or for making contact with potential clients if you are a consultant or looking for a job.

Mike Lyzun from Indy asked for help with creating a different outline format in M$ Word.  Mike P mentioned *_ as a shortcut.

Andrew McNeil blogged about Win 7 and it is in the GRAFUG “links” screen.

Ed & Mike T discussed the difference between desktop and  Web based programming.

Jody showed Paul Mzrowoski’s calendar control and talked about Terry’s Caarricks’s project that needs calendar controls.

Future Presentations:

April 11, 2009 - Tenative: Bill Drew – will show his Grid Enhancements tutorial with an emphasis on a presentation method that he has created.  For fun, he calls it Visible FoxPro.  It has an authoring system to allow a presenter to show the bullet points on the same forms as the controls to be explained.  It also features clicks to see properties and methods of the live controls.

May 9, 2009 - Tenative:  Subversion Demonstration 

June 13, 2009

*      Representatives of Sybase’s Advantage Database Server team plan to demonstrate extending a VFP applications size of data capabilities.

Main Presentation

Mike Hogan – uses West Wind tools.  Develops VFP apps as Web form accessible by Smartphones,  Mac, Linux, etc.  because they are browser based.

Based upon his “No Boundaries”, SW Fox presentation

Wow!  VFP app.  Syncs with MLS regional data which doesn’t conform to WSDL standards

Condo Conduit – started in 2002 - looked for service providers, but condo board couldn’t find one with features they wanted so Mike create this app.  All sites are running off the same code base.  Each can have their own CSS style sheets and menus and access.  Menus are data driven that can allow access to people with certain assigned security levels.

Showed html code with emphasis on “MenuItem”  .cdo extention indicates to webserver that Mike’s VFP app s/b called with the parameter and the correct text” is returned using VFP string concatenation.  Web Connect is con figurable for developer defined extentions.  Even a FrontPage or DreamWeaver creation is returned. 

Using ODBC access on a 3rd party provider Web Server create problems with installation as well as VFP runtime installations.

IIS 7 requires a different installation from IIS -7, but Mike’s Web App doesn’t care.

The following sites seem to be written in the language specified:

uTube. Com – Python; Facebook – PHP; can use multiple languages for a single site

Google search wc.dll, 250,000 results – script mapping isn’t included in the search (novices would call wc.dll directly)


Looking forward to seeing everyone at the March meeting.


Mike Timpe

GRAFUG Secretary


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