GRAFUG Meeting February 14, 2009

Fox Pro News:

Beyond compare with Frank Perez’s (DAFUG) add-on reads VFP forms without conversion to text. for Beyond Compare.

Other Topics:

Future Presentations:

 March 14, 2009

*      Mike Hogan will be talking on Internet Programming using Visual FoxPro and Web Connect.  He will use his condo management and real estate applications as examples 

*      Bill Drew – will show his Grid Enhancements tutorial with an emphasis on a presentation method that he has created.  For fun, he calls it Visible FoxPro.  It has an authoring system to allow a presenter to show the bullet points on the same forms as the controls to be explained.  It also features clicks to see properties and methods of the live controls.

April 11, 2009 - TBA

May 9, 2009 - TBA 

June 13, 2009

*      Representatives of Sybase’s Advantage Database Server team plan to demonstrate extending a VFP applications size of data capabilities.

Main Presentation

Mike Timpe showed his company’s Route Accounting System thru showMyPC with Jody’s laptop,  with both of us using the keyboard and mouse.

Jody and Cathy demo’ed standard Twitter.  Twitter has become extremely popular for keeping current with your friends, family and news.  Cathy keeps current with the local news using WZZM’s Twitter service.  Interested in seeing it?  Go to

Cathy called Jody and turned on her web cam and demonstrated Skype.  Jody showed the group chat feature and also transfer a photo of her dog, Beau.  Interested in seeing it?  Go to

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the March meeting.


Mike Timpe

GRAFUG Secretary


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