GRAFUG Meeting September 13, 2008

Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting. It was great to see everyone again after the summer break.

GRAFUG-Specific News

Cathy Pountney has announced her resignation from holding any offices with GRAFUG. It was a tough decision, but she has decided to focus more time on her personal life. She currently holds the offices of President and Secretary. Official elections don’t happen until December, but Cathy wants to give up her posts before then. If anyone is interested in stepping up and supporting GRAFUG, please let us know ASAP!! Cathy can help bring someone up to speed on either position.


     Win XP SP 3 – takes out your ability to use Amyuni  for PDFs. Version 2.5 or 2.6 fails, but version 3 plays nice with Vista and XP SP3.  There is a second official release of XP SP 3 with the same version number. If you grabbed the update soon, you’ll have to do it again. Note that the automatic updates won’t grab this fix, you have to do it yourself.

     The VFP Home Page ( has a link to the latest information from Milind Lele. There are several updates that he recommends we get. They aren’t Fox updates .. but other updates that affect Fox.

·    Andy Kramek has announced on his blog that Southwest Fox 2008 will be his last speaking engagement. This is sad news, but understandable.

·    The Southwest Fox website ( has some links to a few short “teaser” videos of upcoming conference sessions. Look for more teasers to come soon.

Main Presentation

Rick Schummer came from Detroit and practiced his Extending the Data Explorer session. Rick showed us how the new updated Data Explorer is extremely extensible. He talked about installation issues to make sure the latest version is what you’re actually running. He showed us how to add features and talked about how other developers can easily share their customizations between each other. Many people were interested in the ShowPlan feature and determine how optimizable their queries are.

This session was great and I recommend everyone catch it at Southwest Fox this year!

Next Month

Join us on Saturday, October 11,  at 10:00 to see Cathy Pountney practice her Customizing Your Vertical Market Application session. If you work on a vertical market application, this is a must-see session. Rick Schummer blogged about it and gave it a rave review (


Cathy Pountney

GRAFUG President & Secretary


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