GRAFUG Meeting December 8, 2007

Officer Elections

We held officer elections this month, and with the exception of Secretary, everything stands the same as last year. 

President:           Cathy Pountney

Vice President:    Jody Meyer

Secretary:           Cathy Pountney

Treasurer:           Mike Potjer

Webmaster:        Jody Meyer


General Discussions


We discussed the lower attendance of our meetings and what we can do to increase the number people of show up. We tossed around the idea of cutting back to every other month. We tossed around the idea of more “open” meetings where we have free-form Q&A. We discussed big-name speakers. Basically, we decided that we’re not sure why more people aren’t coming. Therefore, we’re going to send out a survey to our mailing list and ask for your opinion. Look for this soon!


We talked a lot about VFP 9. We talked about issues with Vista. We talked about issues with SP2. We talked about the future and VFP vs. converting to something such as .NET. We talked about some new initiatives in the works that allow FoxPro code to run in the .NET environment. We had quite the discussions going so those of you who weren’t here really missed out.


Paul Emery talked about a way to get a copy of all Microsoft software for development (not resale). It’s called an “Action Pack” and you have to be a Microsoft partner, but only at the lowest level. He said the action pack is less than $300 per year.


Paul also talked about the MSDE work load governor that was explained by YAG:


We gave away a few free books. Rich Addison and Paul Emery both received copies of .NET for Visual FoxPro Developers and What’s New in VFP 9, both from Hentzenwerke Publishing.


Main Presentation


Mike Potjer gave our main presentation about a free utility called “FoxUnit”. This software is used to coordinate Unit Testing of your FoxPro application.  It can be downloaded for free from There are two different versions listed on the website; the “official” version and the “unofficial version”. The unofficial version is basically a version that has been modified by Alan Stevens. Mike recommends you download the “unofficial” version. Alan gave a presentation on Test-Driven Development at Southwest Fox, which Mike Potjer attended and gave high praise for.


Mike started by explaining that there isn’t anything to install. You just download the software and put it in a directory. From there, you can create a project to hold all your tests. However, Mike warns us NOT to “build” the project or it may suck in all the source code that you are testing.


Mike then showed us how to write tests for our FoxPro code. He used templates provided by FoxUnit and some provided by MaxFrame. Templates help you write your tests quickly. He also talked to us about keeping our tests very specific and writing classes to do one thing and one thing only, making it easier to test.


There was quite a lot of interest in this subject and Mike’s presentation was very interactive, as we asked a lot of questions! The enthusiasm was quite high .. and I have to say that I’m dying to download this and give it a try! Mike said that Alan recommends you give it a try for at least a month, forcing yourself to write tests for your code during that time frame. Otherwise, if you just hit and miss you don’t really give it a fair evaluation for the entire process of test-driven development.


Next Meeting


Our next meeting is January, 12, 2008, 10am – 12pm.


We don’t have any specific topic or speaker lined up yet. We’re open to all volunteers so speak up if you’re interested. Presentations don’t have to be formal or polished. We just want to learn!


Administrative Stuff


I’ve just taking over the mailing list and merged it into my system. Please let me know if I’m not using your preferred email or you’re getting more than one copy.



Cathy Pountney

GRAFUG President & Secretary