GRAFUG Meeting October 13, 2007


Microsoft VFP 9.0 Service Pack 2 and the DBI tools have been released to download.

SW Fox will be held in October 18-21, 2007 in Arizona.  Registration ends soon, so book now!!  Remember, the user group gets a donation for every person who attends.  Latest bonus is 6 months free of FoxExpress to attendees.  (or off for existing customers of FoxExpress.)

Main Presentation

This month Cathy Pountney gave a presentation on the report writer.  

The Visual FoxPro Report Writer has great power, but sometimes you need to print reports slightly different than the native behavior. In this session Cathy will show you how to use the VFP ReportListener object, combined with API calls, to extend the way you print reports. You'll learn how to print from the previewer WITHOUT closing the preview window. You'll also learn many more techniques such as printing two pages per sheet so you can bind the report as a booklet.

Unfortunately for you, I was too absorbed to remember to take notes.  Please come hear Cathy speak at SW Fox and listen for yourself!!!

Next Meeting

Our Next Meeting is November 10, 2007 and the planned topic is Cool things we learned at SWFox, 10am-12pm

Be a Volunteer

If you wish to volunteer to be a speaker for a future meeting, information and a link for topic submission can be found on our website:



Sharon Hodgson

GRAFUG Secretary