GRAFUG Meeting April 14, 2007



General Information


Thanks to everyone who made it to the meeting this month.  It is wonderful to see the group growing.


Free advisor gift: there is a free PreCon gift certificate to give away to the first person who says they are going.  First person to contact me with knowledge they will attend the Advisor DevCon will receive the certificate.



No OEM licenses can be purchased after Jan 08 for XP


SW Fox

Reduced the number of sessions put on simultaneously to four (instead of five)

Sedna track, Fundamental track, Integration with other software

Extending VFP, taking Fox to extend Fox and third party components

Business track – how to be a better consultant, get new business, etc

A lot of the fundamental stuff will be offered once, some of the other tracks will be done twice. 


Banners on his website you can pop on your website to advertise SW Fox.

Promote conference button, send testimonials, add a link to their website, three banners available.



Main Presentation


Rick Schummer gave an excellent talk on VFPX.


Some of the Highlights:

VFPX is a VFP community effort to extend VFP9 through tools and end user application components.  Number of class libraries and exe’s to take your development to different levels.  (formerly known as SEDNAX)


Open source extension to VFP.  Shared source license.  You can make derivative works and keep it or share it.  Though the software comes as is with no repercussions to faulty code to the original developers.  (Once you attempt to sue you lose the right to utilize the software in all your projects.)


CodePlex is a front end to MS enterprise team system.  Which is a MS development environment.  Link to CodePlex is:


There are some RSS feeds as well.  (give you notifications when things change on the site.)  There are five different ones and one all encompassing one.  You do have to register, login id, password.


Two distinct classes of things on the site:

Tools and components

Assumed minimum requirement is VFP 9.  Doesn’t mean some of the stuff doesn’t work on earlier versions, just isn’t guaranteed to, etc.


Class BrowserX

Real major change is that it now exports code (that works)

Append from browser to BrowserX if you want to have all the information normally stored in browser


Code Analyst

Tool to help you identify code in your project that is a candidate for refactoring.  Go through and rapidly review your code and see if there is any red flags.  (will add a code analyst menu option)  Will prompt you for a program.  Click on the warning and it will take you right to the appropriate spot in the editor.  Some of it might not actually be bad for you, it’s just a spot that might be of concern.  So if you don’t like one of the warning messages you can activate or deactivate any of them.  You can also go through and see how he is integrating the checks.  (he leveraged the code in code reference) 


New Property dialog

Old one is modal and doesn’t do some things like member data.  Also will let you put in illegal characters.  Doesn’t retain casing. 


Task pane manager/Solution sample/foxcode menu scripts, click on install new properties dialog sample.  Add three records to foxcode table. 

Install this one first, dl the new one, then change your script in the Intellisense menu to point to the one you just downloaded. 




Status bar.  You couldn’t have status bar on top level forms before.  Dl the status bar control, it is pretty simple to read the docs and utilize. 


DeskTop Alerts

Alert windows that work like outlook alerts, pop up toaster fashion and fade in and out in a non-modal way.  You can control the icons it displays, the caption and two other text areas, the ability to have it stick and close.  You can also drag it around the screen.  Can have the icons fire off new dialogs.  Transparent.  Can have hyperlinks.  Down arrow can have settings, so the user can save certain aspects of the alert.  White paper available for this.  (you can put it on non-fox things as a com object but you need the fox runtimes)


GDIPlusX – Too much to get into here, go to his session at SW FOX


OutLook2003Bar– Too much to get into here, go to his session at SW FOX



Next Month


Our Next Meeting is May 12, 2007 and the planned speaker is still To be Determined, 10am-12pm.  I look forward to seeing all of you again.


Be a Volunteer


If you wish to volunteer to be a speaker for a future meeting, information and a link for topic submission can be found on our website: