GRAFUG Meeting March 10, 2007


General Information


What a crowd at this month’s meeting!  Thank all of you for coming.  It is wonderful to have such a show of support for our speakers and FoxPro education!




Advisor VFP DevCon 2007 has been announced to be held on May 6-10, 2007 in Anaheim, California.


SW Fox will be held in October 18-21, 2007 in Arizona.  



Main Presentation


John Harvey gave a really cool presentation of his WASP (Wireless Apprehension Solution Project).


Lt. Harvey was “able to provide officers in the field with a single access point for information. This information is queried from a number of Visual FoxPro and Microsoft SQL Server™ databases, in addition to a mainframe running Tandem NonStop SQL, which are located at the county office and at different law enforcement agencies in the area. Thanks to Visual FoxPro and other Microsoft products, the separate systems have been worked into a manageable, cohesive whole.”


I cannot give his talk justice in such a brief synapse. 

Here is a cool link explaining the program in the Microsoft Press Pass:


Also linked to the GRAFUG website is a link to the Microsoft Case study on the WASP program.


We also learned about some cool tools such as Crime Mapper, Cyber Possie and SDFree, a downloader that runs at four times the download speed of a normal downloader.


Next Month


Our Next Meeting is April 14, 2007 and the planned speaker is Rick Schummer, 10am-12pm.  I look forward to seeing all of you again.


Be a Volunteer


If you wish to volunteer to be a speaker for a future meeting, information and a link for topic submission can be found on our website: