GRAFUG Meeting September 16, 2006


General Information


Thanks to everyone for coming, we enjoyed having Carl Karsten be the first speaker after the summer break.




Next meeting: Marcia Atkins is presenting: Office Automation, the PreCon she is giving for SouthWest Fox.  The meeting will be longer than usual and will include a break for lunch.  Please bring a few dollars for food.    


Python is now in .Net and that language is also loosely typed.  There was a small discussion regarding, if this was one of the reasons we were not taking Fox to .Net, have they figured out the issues they can use to make it work now that Python is there?


MS Vista is supposedly able to be download and install from a MS website.  There is a chance you do not have a machine able to use it.  The download is about two gig and takes about three hours to download.  You need a machine with a  bootable DVD reader.  The DVD driver has to be in the bios.



Main Presentation


Our guest speaker in September was Carl Karsten presenting "Introduction to setting up mySQL with FoxPro."  Attached is a small guide he provided to discuss these necessary steps of getting it up and running.


For a small dataset, and the purpose of this presentation, the default settings will be used.  If you have a larger dataset, you may need to tweak some of the settings.  But Carl suggests using the defaults and playing with the settings after you know more about it.


XP firewall doesn’t really have to be turned off, you need to allow for a certain port to be open.  (Port 3306?)  As long as you install the server as its own process and the application as its own set of steps, it’s free. The GPL license says if you make it part of whatever you are working on, you are ok. Everyone has to download their own SQL…you can’t install it under as an umbrella ap.


Aerror function is useful in returning meaningful errors when your sqlconnect doesn’t work properly.  Aerror[1] is the error number, aerrror[3] is the actual text of what is wrong.  If your ?sqlconnect(“mysqltest”) returns -1 run this to discover why.


View Editor Professional.  Easier way to handle the settings for views.


Hentzenwerke is putting out a book for mySQL for fox users.



Next Month


Our next meeting is Saturday, October 14th, at 10:00 AM to 1 pm.  Please Note this means we will be meeting (and eating) through lunch.   Bring friends and anyone who may be interested in hearing this great talk by Marcia Atkins!



Be a Volunteer


If you wish to volunteer to be a speaker for a future meeting, information and a link for topic submission can be found on our website: