GRAFUG Meeting June 10, 2006


General Information


Thanks to everyone for coming, we all enjoyed having Art Bergquist be the first speaker in our new building.





• GRAFUG will not be meeting during July and August.  I hope everyone has a great summer and I will look forward to seeing you in the fall!



 Optimal Solutions is moving buildings.  Our next meeting will be held at our new address:

1055 Gezon Parkway, Wyoming, MI 49509

Map of 1055 Gezon Pkwy

Directions to 1055 Gezon Pkwy



Hands-On VFP Training in July from TakeNote Technologies


TakeNote Technologies, the Universal Thread Visual FoxPro Members Choice Award winner for Best VFP Training Company, currently has a limited number of openings available in our July 17-21 Visual FoxPro training classes. The hands-on class will be taught by Jim Duffy. Come learn the skills and techniques you'll need to become a successful VFP developer. All courses are hands-on, one PC per student. Schedules, pricing, and course outlines are available on the TakeNote website. Space is limited.


Jim Duffy is a Microsoft MVP, INETA Speaker, and the president of TakeNote Technologies ( Jim is a popular speaker due to his knowledge, humor, and quick-witted approach. He has been a VFP DevCon speaker since 1997. He is an exceptional trainer, skilled developer, and has been published in a number of leading publications including CoDe Magazine ( Jim's background also includes a Bachelors degree in Computer and Information Systems and over 20 years of programming and training experience. Jim is also co-host of Computers 2K6, a weekly call in radio show (AM 850 The Buzz) in Raleigh, NC.


SendaX had a new link for voting on a new name.  According to GOTDOTNET CodeGallery, the chosen name for SednaX is VFPX.



Kensington makes a nice $20 comfort keyboard which is very affordable and easy to use.  Instead of the keyboard being spread out and difficult to maneuver, the keys themselves are cut to different shapes to make typing ergonomic an comfortable.




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Main Presentation


Our guest speaker in June was Art Berquist presenting "The 27 (or so) Habits of Highly Effective VFP Developers."  It was a thorough overview of some great programming techniques.  Art will be providing his whitepaper for download sometime in the near future.


A brief example of a few things discussed:


1)       Maximizing you menus.  Under tools, options, View…max the “most recently used” list display count.  There is no reason to leave it so short and you will be able to locate things you’ve used in this past week easier.

2)       Pay attention to keyboard shortcuts.  They can be very useful.  F10+enter allows you to insert a line inside the command window!  This means if you were testing a snippet of code and realized you needed one more line of code in between them, you actually can insert this line of code and run the snippet again without retyping everything. How cool is that? (suggestion from someone in the meeting:  WinKeys keyboard remapper allows you to remap whatever keyboard combo you wish.)


There were many, many more great and helpful suggestions, but you will have to read them for yourself in the whitepaper or go hear Art talk sometime!


Next Month


Our next meeting is Saturday, September 9th, at 10:00 AM.  Please Note this means we well not be meeting during July and August.   



Be a Volunteer


If you wish to volunteer to be a speaker for a future meeting, information and a link for topic submission can be found on our website: