January 2006 GRAFUG meeting recap


January, 14, 2006



Treasury update


We started the meeting with an update from our Treasurer, Mike Potjer. We have enough money to pay the expenses for bringing in a few speakers this year.



Topic and Speaker Requests


Next, we asked attendees which speakers or topics they would like to see in future meetings. Here’s a list of what was discussed. Please let us know which ones you are interested in, which speakers you would like to see, or any other topics/speakers not listed here.


Ø       Topic: Using SQL Server with FoxPro

o        Possible speakers: Jim Duffy, Rick Schummer


Ø       Topic: Connecting to other databases in a FoxPro application


Ø       Topic: Using the Cursor Adapter

o        Possible speakers: David Stevenson, Doug Hennig


Ø       Topic: Using MySQL

o        Possible speakers: Carl Karsten, Whil Hentzen


Ø       Topic and Speaker: Andy Kramek to talk about his tool which divorces the interface from the database engine so you can plug in any engine


Ø       Topic: Using handhelds with FoxPro


Ø       Topic: Information on a diagnostic tool for handhelds (name might be Theena)


Ø       Topic & Speaker: Mike Potjer said he could talk about n-tier design


Ø       Topic: Show & Tell – Have attendees each talk and/or show something about their application as a way for us to get to know a little bit more about each other’s jobs and also to pick up tips and ideas.


Ø       Topic: XML

o        Possible speaker: Toni Feltman


Ø       Topic: UML from a FoxPro perspective

o        Possible speaker: Markus Egger


Ø       Topic: Using VFP and .NET together to get your application on the web

o        Possi8ble speakers: Rick Strahl, Jim Duffy


Ø       Topic: Using the VFP Development Environment


Ø       Topic: Windows Vista and how it affects us FoxPro developers and our customers



Officer Elections


I guess the current officers are doing such a great job – because they were all re-elected!! Okay .. the real truth is that nobody else wanted the jobs!! <g>  Actually, there is one change in officers – Paul Emery volunteered to be our webmaster. Here’s the full list of 2006 officers:


Ø       President – Cathy Pountney

Ø       Vice President – Jody Meyer

Ø       Treasurer – Mike Potjer

Ø       Secretary – Sharon Hodgson

Ø       Webmaster – Paul Emery





Ø       There was mention of a tool called Cottonseed for Frontpage which emulates DotNetNuke. Not much information was given, but it might be worth investigating.


Ø       Here’s a link to an article titled, “FoxPro Not an Endangered Species”, www.redmondmag.com/columns/print.asp?EditorialsID=1166


Ø       The January FoxPro Newsletter from Ken Levy mentioned that they will release detailed feature specs on Sedna next month.


Ø       Windows Vista – Q&A.  There were a lot of questions asked about Vista and the future .. but not a lot of answers from our attendees. It sounds like everyone is as clear as mud on this issue! <g>





Here’s a list of 2006 conferences:


Ø       Great Lakes Great Database Workshop, Milwaukee, WI, April 21-24


Ø       DevTeach, Montreal, Canada, May 8-12, 2006


Ø       Advisor Visual FoxPro DevCon 2006, Phoenix, AZ, August 27-31


Ø       Southwest Fox, Tempe, AZ, October 19-22



Give Away


We had a few books to give away, but most everyone had them!


We also had a free copy of Visual FoxPro 9.0 to give away, compliments of Cathy Pountney who received it as a gift from Microsoft in return for her efforts in the beta program. The winner was Ed Richardson.


Feature Presentation


Cathy Pountney showed us XFRX which is a 3rd party tool that allows you to output your existing FoxPro reports to other formats such as PDF, Microsoft Word, BMPs, TIFFs, etc.


It works with older versions of Visual FoxPro as well as with Visual FoxPro 9.0. There are several different pricing options available on their website (www.eqeus.com). It can be distributed royalty free in your application and you can even purchase source code.


Output options include:


Ø       PDF

Ø       Word

Ø       RTF

Ø       Excel

Ø       Plain Text

Ø       HTML

Ø       XML


Besides having options to output to other outputs, XFRX also has its own preview container that you can use instead of VFP’s. You can download the demo version of XFRX and the documentation for free on the eqeus website.



Next Meeting


The next meeting is February 11, 2006. Paul Emery will be speaking on the topic of using VFP to generate real time HTML reports for the web.


If you too wish to volunteer to be a speaker for a future meeting, information and a link for topic submission can be found on our website:  http://www.GRAFUG.org.



Re-cap courtesy of Cathy Pountney.


Sharon Hodgson

GRAFUG Secretary