December 2005 GRAFUG Meeting Re-cap

GRAFUG Meeting December 10, 2005




Service Pack 1 for VFP9 is available


Ken Levyís December newsletter is also available.


Main Presentation


This meeting we reviewed many great tools to utilize in our environments. 


Here are some of the tools, and their links:

PrimoPDF, itís free.


Fingerprint reader; use it for websites, login and passwords.  Just a USB port.


Tech Support Alert lists 46 free utilities and their associated links for obtaining them:


IE tab in the FireFox site, will simulate IE instead of FireFox.  IE Tab.

You can use this when something doesnít fit in FireFox.  You can specify specific sites that always should be open this way.


Bork text.  An extension you can get for FireFox.  In thunderbird, it will automatically show all of your junk email in bork text


Registry manager.  Free software.  You can bookmark items.  (this is in the 46 best ever site)  So if there is registry entries you usually have to dink with, it will allow you to do so.  He would get it for no other reason then the search.  Collects all the search results together.  Never seen anything that can search the registry faster then this can.


Edit pad lite.óLike another notepad application.  Searching is better.  You can open huge text files notepad canít.  (JGSoft)



Windows explorer replacement.  Has dual pane support.  You can show two different folders at once.  Force button will synchronize the two.  Has a mirror feature.  If the file systems has a matching folder, it will drill down without caring if the beginning part is the same.  This has a transform utility that lets you see if there is a prg that does not have an fxp with the same or newer date.  Also has a shredded feature, that more then just throws the item away, but looses the location, everything so it cannot be recovered.


Next Meeting


The next meeting is January 14, 2006. We will be holding elections at this meeting, so if anyone is hankering to hold a position, come ready to cast your nomination.  Hope to see you there.


If you too wish to volunteer to be a speaker for a future meeting, information and a link for topic submission can be found on our website:




Sharon Hodgson

GRAFUG Secretary