October 2005 GRAFUG Meeting Re-cap

GRAFUG Meeting October 8, 2005




Service Pack 1 for VFP9 is available mid month as a public beta. 



It includes several bug fixes, including some catastrophic ones when using VFP9 and NT.  For a bug fix list:



SW fox is this week!  October 13-16th.  Ken and Calvin will be there from MS are planning on being in attendance.  As extra incentive, What’s new in 9 and the .Net Hentzenwerke books will be given out during the conference.  Rich Schummer has brought along two copies of his book to the meeting to give out to people who were lucky enough to be drawn, but unlucky enough to not be able to attend SW Fox. 


Drew and Brent Speedie passed away September 16th, 2005.  The fox wiki provides some information as well as a memorial site for Drew and his son.  Their loss is deeply felt throughout the entire community.





.Net for VFP Developers class by Kevin McNish October 18-21 is offering the online live training class, 1-4pm four days in a row (webinar type).  $599, late enrollment.   Please check out:  http://www.oakleafsd.com/ for more information.


DIT allowing new code to be in FoxPro again instead of what was declared 3 years ago that there would be no more coding in FoxPro.


For those still needing to maintain Fox 2.6, TAME allows FoxPro DOS to run in XP well.  TAME steals cycles under the hood.  The clock under XP causes lots of trouble, and apps would spike to 100%.  If you don’t use set clock on it won’t be as bad, but Rick found an incredible difference.  It’s running as a TSR basically stealing cycles when necessary to allow DOS apps to run.  (it will load up for anything that runs dos, unless you specify not to.)


The FoxMasters Company, http://www.foxmasters.com provides Automation tools for FoxPro developers.


Alex Feldstein wrote a blog after attending the MVP Global Conference in Redmond.  If you are curious about the “MVP Scoop” his blog is here: http://www.bloglines.com/blog/AlexFeldstein?id=530



Job Posting:

There is a local Lansing Company looking for someone with PHP experience. It is a smaller company and I do not believe this is a very large job.  Let me know if you need more info and I'll pass on the contact info.
Jim Osieczonek
Delta Business Group, LLC



Main Presentation


This month’s presentation was from Rick Schummer on “Using and Extending the VFP Data Explorer.” 


The whitepaper of Ricks’s presentation will be made available to GRAFUG members after his presentation to SouthWest Fox.  Please checkout the website after that time for an update on this topic.


Rick provided us with an intro to the data explorer functionality: connections, schema information for the database, run queries, review results, and the ability to save the queries for future use.   The data explorer gives you a central area to manage your data.  You can open old tables from older versions of fox in here without it updating the tables to the 9 structures, but don’t reindex or create a new table in there and expect it to work back in vfp6.  You can also create items you will use Stonefield, but you will have to run a few items in Stonefield afterwards.


You are able to run the data explorer via the taskpane manager or by typing do home()+”dataexplorer.app”.  After you run it, you will need to start adding connections.  If you have a network connection and running SQL server on your machine drilling into the SQL server node is slow.  Rick’s recommendation is you add connection to SQL server before adding the SQL server drill down.  (use connections for sql, not the SQL Server option.)   If you pass the “M” parameter when calling the app it will attach it to the menu.


I have two pages of notes on the topic, so I will avoid re-capping the entire session here.  If you are interested in learning more, please go grab the white paper after it has been made available.  There was so much more in this feature then I had anticipated before the meeting!  Rick and Fox both rock!  Thanks for coming and speaking at our meeting Rick.



Next Meeting


The next meeting is November 12, 2005.  Tentatively we are planning for Jim Osieczonek to give a talk on building ASP.net portals for .NetNuke.  Hope to see some of you there.


If you too wish to volunteer to be a speaker for a future meeting, information and a link for topic submission can be found on our website:  http://www.GRAFUG.org.




Sharon Hodgson

GRAFUG Secretary