September 2005 GRAFUG Meeting Re-cap

GRAFUG Meeting September 10, 2005




Service Pack 1 for VFP9 should be available mid month as a public beta.  Sources say to expect it around September 19th.


SW fox is October 13-16th.  Ken and Calvin will be there from MS are planning on being in attendance.  As extra incentive, What’s new in 9 and the .Net Hentzenwerke books will be given out during the conference. 


Randy Brown quit the fox team  (but he will probably still go to SW fox.)  For more information about this, check out his posting on the UniversalThread.


.Net for VFP Developers class by Kevin McNish October 18-21 is offering the online live training class, 1-4pm four days in a row (webinar type).  $599, late enrollment, $499 early enrollment.   Please check out: for more information.


The VFP roadmap has been updated a little.  There are a few things listed now they are updated to support.



Job posting:

JAssing Consulting is looking for a VB/Access developer for intermittent work on a project.  Telecommuting welcome.

Please contact Josh at: for more information.


Hurricane Efforts:

Prominent FoxPro Programmer, John Harvey has helped organize relief effort for Katrina victims. It's nice to know that a fellow FoxPro developer is doing something!! If you would like to see what he has done or help in his efforts, please check out this website:



Main Presentation


This month’s presentation was from Cathy Pountney on “Advanced Reporting in VFP9. 


The whitepaper of Cathy’s presentation will be made available to GRAFUG members after her presentation to SouthWest Fox.  Please checkout the website after that time for an update on this topic.


As a taste of the items Cathy discussed at the presentations was how to place a watermark (or other absolute positioned items/pictures) onto your reports.  If the image is contained entirely inside the band, it will still be considered relative.  If the image crosses bands however, it will be considered absolute.


Everything reviewed was too much to type into this re-cap, so please check out her white paper or attend SW Fox!



Next Meeting


The next meeting is October 8, 2005.  (the second Saturday of the month.)  Hope to see some of you there.


If you too wish to volunteer to be a speaker for a future meeting, information and a link for topic submission can be found on our website:




Sharon Hodgson

GRAFUG Secretary