June 2005 GRAFUG Meeting Re-cap

GRAFUG Meeting June 18, 2005


It was great to see such a nice group for the last meeting of the summer.  A huge thank you to Jody for bringing Lemon bars and muffins, they were greatly appreciated. 




VFP9 - multiple detail bands in the report writer, there is a known bug under certain conditions.  When you have three detail bands, and detail band one goes all the way to the bottom, detail band three appears at the top of the next page detail band two disappears.  They will only give out the patch to those who specifically ask for it.  KB 897575.


MSDN subscription stuff is totally being redone.  If you are a VFP dev on the universal already, youíll get vsts and ms premium.  This is posted on the GRAFUG website. 


Ken Levy posted the road map.  Drew Speedie had a blog regarding this roadmap.  http://visionpace.typepad.com/visionpace/2005/06/visual_foxpro_w.html


www.savemybutt.com people helping you online


Job posting:

Wireless Toyz in Novi is looking for someone with strong VFP Skills. 

They need support / enhancements to their Point of Sale system.  They

are not interested in contractors at this time.  It is a distributed app

that currently runs at 200 locations, and they expect it to grow quite

a bit in the near future.  Good pay and nice growth potential in a

company listed as one of the 50 Michigan Companies to watch.


For more information, contact Ali.





248-426-8200 ext 104

248-426-8440 Fax

313-995-8962 Cellular




Southwest Fox Ė October 13th  in Phoenix AZ




Main Presentation


This monthís presentation was from Mike Tempe, regarding Virtual PC Console.  Thanks Mike for such a nice topic!


License : 125$/copy or free with an MSDN subscription.  (purchased from connectix, now it is a MS product.)  Most of the OSís you can run under this, as long as you run it totally for testing.  You need to have legal copies of different platforms.  You take one computer with plenty of memory and a fast processor.  (1G of memory)  It runs like it has an S3 card, so your resolutions it can handle are only what an S3 can handle.  You donít want to set your Virtual machine to be full screen so you can still get to the back or toggle.  If you want to make virtual server, you should buy the virtual server product, not the virtual PC.  The virtual PC canít even see the host OS unless you give it permission to get at it.    Right alt in virtual PC is the hotkey.  It has a separate registry and itís own bias behind the screen.  When you are all done, and exit the virtual pc, it will ask you if you really want to commit the changes to your virtual PC.  Installing them took a long time because of all the updates, etc.  


Channel 9 has a webcast of virtual PCÖ.



DBDesigner 4, a table designer program that is free.  Diagramming.  You can even run queries, etc.  This goes via odbc which has certain limitations, because the odbc driver hasnít been updated since vfp6, but if you use sql server, mysql, sql light and oracle, it wonít matter.  Itís a little on the Ďbuggyí side.  But nothing that has made him stop using it.  Not a Microsoft product, but has significant tie to mySql.  Foxwiki, data modeling tools there will be a page about it.  http://www.fabForce.net



Next Meeting


The next meeting is September 17, 2005.  Hope everyone has a great couple months off!


If you too wish to volunteer to be a speaker for a future meeting, information and a link for topic submission can be found on our website:  http://www.GRAFUG.org.




Sharon Hodgson

GRAFUG Secretary