April 2005 GRAFUG Meeting Re-cap

April 16, 2005


I’d like to thank Mike Levy for being April’s presenter on SQL Server 2005.




The DotNetNuke class is this Saturday.  This is a one-day training session on DotNetNuke presented by Jim Duffy of TakeNote Technologies. DotNetNuke is an Open Source hybrid of the IBuySpy Portal. Its management team is dedicated to the ongoing management of core portal application enhancements. DotNetNuke provides automated content management capabilities and tools to maintain a dynamic and 100% interactive data-driven web site. You can read more about DotNetNuke by going to www.dotnetnuke.com.  The training session will be held in Lansing, MI. The address is:  Melange Computer Services; 808 Century Blvd, Suite 180;  Lansing, MI.



Reminder – Our next GRAFUG meeting is May 21st, the third Saturday.  We presently do not have a speaker for the May meeting.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact us as soon as possible.




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Main Presentation


Michael Levy traveled up to give us a talk on SQL Server 2005.  Whereas there is not an official date for the release of SQL Server 2005, it is scheduled for “the second half of 2005”.  A letter from MS regarding the deployment of SQL 2005 can be found at this link: http://www.microsoft.com/sql/2005/productinfo/letter.asp

Mike explained the CLR (the AppDomain) hosted inside the SQL Server and why T-SQL is not the best for many situations.  I cannot give his topic an adequate summary, so I’ll just leave it with “you should have been there, it was cool!” 


Please check the GRAFUG website for information regarding past and future GRAFUG meetings.  www.GRAFUG.com.


Next Meeting


Our next meeting is scheduled for May 21, 2005.  Tentatively we are planning on viewing Doug Henning’s webcast on extending the VFP report writing capabilities.


If you too wish to volunteer to be a speaker for a future meeting, information and a link for topic submission can be found on our website:  http://www.GRAFUG.com.




Sharon Hodgson

GRAFUG Secretary