February 2005 GRAFUG Meeting Re-cap

I’d like to offer a big thank-you to all who were able to attend the meeting.  Since the date changed to the third Saturday of the month, the turn out was better than I expected.


VFP 9 is officially released to MSDN subscribers on the latest CD’s that came in the mail.  They changed the ULA that you can still have 8 and 9 on your machine at the same time.   http://msdn.microsoft.com/vfoxpro/letters/

The VFP Fox Team has shrunken, Mike Stewart has left.  http://fox.wikis.com/wc.dll?Wiki~MikeStewart~People


There will not be an Essential Fox or DevEssentials this year.


Reminder – Our next meeting is March 19th, the third Saturday.

Main Presentation

FoxCast.org is a website put together by Vision Pace (Vision Data Systems).  They recorded presentations, post them on the website and any of us can grab it and post it. They charge 9 dollars if you want to view it live, and you can subscribe for the year also.  http://www.foxcast.org/

This month, we watched Drew Speedie’s WebCast of the VFP 9.0 enhancements to the form and class designer.

A few of the great suggestions in this webcast were:

Icon in the property sheet showing what the icon is.  The icon will tell you the scope, because you will see a ‘lock’ or ‘key’ when they are protected or hidden.

October advisor has an article from drew about putting two items in the (MenuHide)  foxcode table to suppress the normal vfp behavior.  MenuContext (not as useful) for shortcut menus in the VFP IDE.  But you can’t intercept and surpress just what you want, you can’t add your own bars and then have the fox do it’s native items.  You don’t know what fox would have called if it had called its own native item.

Drew demonstrated using _MemberData for many various things, such as calling a child form inside the property sheet.

There were many, many more great ideas, and you can listen to the webcast from foxcast.org.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is scheduled for March 19, 2005.  The topic is still to be determined.  If you wish to volunteer to be a speaker, information and a link for topic submission can be found on our updated website:  http://www.grafug.com/

Sharon Hodgson

GRAFUG Secretary