January 2005 GRAFUG Meeting Re-cap

Welcome to the New Year, and a big thanks to everyone who attended.



VFP 9 is officially released to MSDN subscribers.   It comes down as an ISO, you can get a utility off of MS that will treat an ISO as a driver if you wish.  Actual CD’s should be six to eight weeks lag.  (Shop MicroSoft.com)  They changed the ULA that you can still have 8 and 9 on your machine at the same time.  From 7 to 8 they added the auto increment key, from 8 to 9 they added VARCHAR….if you are using any of the new things you are locked into the new version, but if you leave the new features alone, you can still use a previous version.  They made more things for SQL compatibility, but you can set the engine to the older version.  ICASE is a cool new command that is worth learning.   In reports/preview, Cntrl-F10 doesn’t work they way it used to, so people that used that trick to zoom the window, they won’t be able to. 


There is a job opening in Wyoming, MI:

Contact: Jeff Jaklinski [mailto:JJaklinski@msn.com]


Jeff writes:

“I have an environmental tracking program written in Foxpro 6.0.  I had a very good programmer that rewrote the program about 8 years ago and has been doing updates and modifications since.  He has decided not to do this any longer and I am looking for someone to do this work.  This is not a big money maker, I only do this on the side, but it is usually $2000/yr. in programming fees.  The program is written and would need upgrading once or twice a year.  Occasionally a customer needs custom modifications to the program to meet EPA reporting requirements specified in their air use permits and this would be additional programming fees.  I had purchased all the Foxpro upgrades and the compiler and I think they were returned to me.  “


Main Presentation


FoxCast.org is a website put together by Vision Pace (Vision Data Systems).  They recorded presentations (This one is by Rick Schummer), post them on the website and any of us can grab it and post it. They charge 9 dollars if you want to view it live, and you can subscribe for the year also.  http://www.foxcast.org/


Since the whitepaper can be downloaded, I won’t re-cap the topic here.  The link to the whitepaper is:


(free download, large zip files)


The whitepaper is a 36 page pdf file.


Next Meeting


Our next meeting is scheduled for February 12, 2005.  The topic is still to be determined.  If you wish to volunteer to be a speaker, information and a link for topic submission can be found on our updated website:  http://www.grafug.com/


Sharon Hodgson

GRAFUG Secretary