Meeting Recap for October 2004



Ø       VFP 9.0 is scheduled to be released by the end of 2004. Of course, what this means is if you have an MSDN subscription, you can download it as soon as it’s ready. If you plan to purchase VFP by itself, it will take another few months to go through the manufacturing process and hit the streets. Therefore, it probably won’t be available until February 2005.


Ø       In case anyone is wondering, no announcement was made at DevCon about the future of VFP, nor was any announcement made about the next DevCon.


Ø       MMFUDG (the Lansing group) is meeting Tuesday and they are discussing VFP 9.0 changes that haven’t been publicly discussed.


Ø       Microsoft has announced the MVP recipients for the 2004-2005 cycle. I’m very happy to announce that our three Michiganders have once again received MVP awards. Congrats to Rick Bean, Rick Schummer, and Cathy Pountney .


Ø       There’s still one conference left in the U.S. this year. Southwest Fox is in Tempe , Arizona , on October 22-24. Visit for more information, including a “Who’s Coming” page.




Main Presentation


Sharon Hodgson discussed C# and the nuances of some basic structures, such as the IF/Else if statements and the SWITCH/Case statement.  She will mail a small white paper version of the presentation to those who request it:


Rex Willis offered the websites of various .Net user groups in the area.


Ø       Grand Rapids – Next meeting is Tuesday October 19th at Sagestone Consulting.


Ø       Michigan :  - Next meeting of the Michigan area .Net user group meeting 11/16/2004, oddly enough…is being held in Mishawaka , Indiana


Ø       Lansing :  - Next meeting, October 21st 2004, Location: Room 2243, Engineering Building , MSU Time: 6pm - 8pm



Upcoming meetings


November 13, 2004:

We have no official speaker or topic for this meeting.


December 11, 2004:

Bill Anderson, president of the LA Fox User Group, will be traveling to Grand Rapids to make a presentation to us. The topic is, “Using Software Design Patterns”. He is presenting this at the Germany conference in November so he should be well practiced for us.



Ø       We are still trying to coordinate having David Stevenson come in and talk with us, but his schedule keeps clashing with ours. I talked with him at DevCon and he is still interested, but we have to find a month that works out for everyone.


Ø       I’ve had a request for someone to do a presentation on West-Wind Web Connection. If there are any volunteers, please let me know.


Ø       I’ve had Mike Levy agree to do a presentation on whatever SQL thing we want, but his schedule is up in the air right now and he can’t commit to anything yet. As soon as his schedule solidifies, we’ll be able to coordinate something.


Ø       Jim Duffy is interested in discussing DotNetNuke, so that’s another possibility we can work on if anyone is interested.


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