Meeting Recap for September 2004

Main Presentation

Cathy Pountney showed “Part 2” of her upcoming DevCon session on the VFP 9.0 Report Writer. We walked through examples of how to use the new Report Listener class to do lots of cool things, such as negative numbers in red, rotated fonts, bar charts, 2-up forms, and so on.

Cathy has written two new articles on the VFP 9.0 Report Writer. These articles are posted, for free, on the MSDN website. The first article, “What’s New in the VFP 9.0 Report Writer” ( covers most of the non-extensibility features in the report writer. The second article, “The VFP 9.0 Report Writer In Action”, ( covers everything she showed in this month’s meeting.

 Upcoming meeting

Next month, Sharon Hodgson will be discussing C# from the perspective of a VFP Developer. Our meeting will be on October 9th. However ---- We *MAY* have to change the location. All of the conference areas at Optimal Solutions are being used right now and may be unavailable to us for a few more months. Sharon has graciously offered to use her house next month, so we may end up taking her up on the offer. She only lives a few miles from Optimal. Everyone will be notified well in advance if there is a change in location, so keep your eyes and ears open for the possibility.

Future meetings

We have been having discussions with David Stevenson, the new editor of FoxTalk 2.0. He is willing to come to Grand Rapids to speak to us. We are still working on the details, and November is a possibility. Nothing is finalized yet, but Cathy will let you know when it is. Of course, the meeting room problem becomes more of a problem if we are bringing in a big-name speaker. We’ll just have to work out the details on this. We have also been having discussions with a few other well-known speakers, but nothing specific yet on those either.

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