Meeting Recap for June 2004

Thanks to Jan Wells for bringing the donuts once again!!  By the way, Jan is going to start spending his winters in Florida and summers in Michigan . This means he will have to miss a bunch of our meetings. I suppose we can’t fault him ... great sunny weather … or cold Michigan snow!!  Hmmm …. Jan, do you have any room in your suitcase for me!! 


Some items of interest that I learned about at the DevEssentials conference in Kansas City .

-          Check out for a cool tool for designing web sites. Best of all … it’s free!!!  Jim Duffy of TakeNote Technologies has been using this tool and really raves about it. He’s also starting up some training courses for learning the tool.

-          Check out for a cool tool for automating your testing of Fox applications. This is also free.  

-          Microsoft has “Application Blocks” available for download for free. These consist of .Net code that encompasses their “best practices”. You can use this code in you application. You get full source code so you can change it if you want. The two that I saw were “Error Management Application Block”, EMAB, and “Data Access Application Block”, DAAB.  

-          West Wind’s Help Builder is a cool tool for creating documentation. I saw an example of creating technical documentation for Fox apps as well as .NET apps. It was extremely simple to use. Just answer a few questions and it goes off and generates pages and pages of documentation.  

Visual FoxPro 9.0 Beta is now available to the public for free, Go ahead and download this and play around with all the new features. Also, Microsoft wants us to run our current apps in VFP 9 to see if anything is broken.  

FoxTalk 2.0 is now available. For those of you that didn’t know … FoxTalk almost got canned!! The publisher was about to kill it, but some people got involved and revived it. David Stevenson is the new editor. You may get a 3 month free subscription and check it out before committing to a full subscription. FoxTalk 2.0 needs our help. If we don’t buy it – the publisher will kill it!!!  

Main Presentation

Cathy Pountney showed some of the new features of the new VFP 9.0 Report Writer. We didn’t get into the extensibility side of the changes too much, because that’s worth several hours of discussion all on its own. However, we did see new stuff such as a new UI, a better preview, and the long awaited multi-detail bands!!

Cathy is in the process of writing some articles about the Report Writer for Microsoft. These two articles will go into great deal about how to use all the new features. These will be posted on the MSDN website once they are done. Keep your eyes open for these free articles!!

Upcoming meeting

Reminder …. We take a summer break!! There will be *NO* July or August meetings!!!!!! 

Our meetings will resume on September 11 (Yikes – that’s weird!!!)  We don’t have a formal topic lined up yet, but most likely we will discuss some new features in VFP 9.0. In fact, I expect that the next several meetings will be dedicated to VFP 9.0.

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Cathy Pountney
Microsoft Visual FoxPro MVP
Optimal Solutions, Inc.

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