Meeting Recap for September, 2003

Our September 2003 GRAFUG Meeting was a little scattered as we returned from our long summer break. Mike Potjer had a family emergency so I did some last minute preparation (excuse the white-out on the attendance sheets). It seemed the most people were a little late in arriving .. which was great because I was late in getting set up!!

Nobody had any new VFP related announcements or issues to discuss so we dove into the main presentation right away.

Main Presentation “Implementing a File Factory” by Cathy Pountney

This is a session that I’m presenting at Great Lakes Great Database Workshop next month so I used this opportunity to practice in front of the group. The basis to the presentation is explaining how we solved a problem in our app. The problem was “How to get individual files on each user’s workstation without having a maintenance nightmare.” The solution we came up with is something we called a “File Factory”. This presentation walked you through the design of the concept, how to implement it in your application, and how to maintain it on the developer side.

My assessment of the presentation is that it was a little too fast and didn’t offer enough explanation up front to help identify where we were going. I saw some confusion on many faces but I hoped I cleared up most of it before I was done. If anyone has any feedback about this topic, please feel free to send me a private email. Anything that I can do to polish this session up before GLGDW is appreciated!!

For those that attended and want a copy of the materials, please send me a private email and I’ll get those to you.

Upcoming meetings and speakers

The October meeting is scheduled for October 11, 2003. Unfortunately, this clashes with GLGDW. Myself, Martha Kroll, and Sharon Hodgson all indicated that we were attending GLGDW. I believe that Frank Dolinar is also attending. This might leave our October meeting quite bare!! Given that we don’t have a speaker lined up, and nobody volunteered to be a speaker for October, it was suggested that we might need to skip October and resume in November. Please send comments or thoughts on this issue to me and I’ll compile the results and forward them to everyone.

I’d like to hear from everyone about whether or not you’d be interested in hearing Mike Levy present his “SQL Server Indexes” session to us. If there is enough interest I can see if he’ll be willing to do our Nov or Dec meeting.

Another topic that was discussed was automation. Several people expressed an interest in learning how to automate Excel, Word, and other applications. If anyone has knowledge on this subject and would like to make a presentation, please let me know. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert speaker to give a presentation. We don’t bite and we’re kind to beginners!!

Final Words

As usual .. if you have any topics you’d like to see presented .. or better yet, want to present a topic … just send me an email and let me know!!



Cathy Pountney

GRAFUG Secretary

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