Meeting Recap for April 12, 2003

Our April 2003 GRAFUG Meeting went very well .. and ran very long!!  Thanks to Jan Wells for bringing the donuts and to Martha Kroll for filling in for Mike Potjer.

Upcoming meetings and speakers

Our June meeting conflicts with the Advisor DevCon conference which both Mike and I will be attending. That means no facilities will be available. We discussed rescheduling the meeting but did not make a decision yet. Rick Bean, president of MMFUDG offered an alternative solution and suggested that those interested in a meeting come to the MMFUDG meeting the following Saturday. Most likely, he will be presenting a recap of DevCon and promises that it will be fresh in his mind!!

We also discussed the fact that we typically donít meet in July and August because of low attendance. On the other hand, weíve had several top-notch speakers offer to come speak to our group recently. It was decided at the meeting that we should put out a survey and ask everyone on our mailing whether special meetings would be worthwhile and which speakers you would like to see. We also need to know which speakers the members would be willing to use some GRAFUG funds to finance travel for these speakers and which speakers you would be interested in paying extra to see. Iíll send the survey in a separate email shortly.

Main Presentation ďHidden Secrets of the VFP IDEĒ by Cathy Pountney

I spent almost two hours showing all kinds of key combinations, drag and drop features, and many utilities that are all part of VFP. Many of these arenít documented, or arenít documented very well, so itís hard for one to know about them. Based on the raised eyebrows I saw and questions I received throughout the presentation, I have to believe that everybody walked away learning something about VFP that they didnít previously know Ö including me!!

For those that attended the meeting, Iíll make my white paper available to you if you send me a private email. For the rest of you, I encourage you to attend one of the upcoming VFP conferences to see the presentation and get the materials that go along with it. I may make it available to all after the 2003 conference circuit, but thatís still to be determined.

May Meeting

The May meeting is scheduled for May 10, 2003. The meeting will begin at 10:00 and end at 12:00 (or somewhere around that time.) Mike Timpe will be presenting ďIntro to VS .NETĒ.

Final Words

As usual .. if you have any topics youíd like to see presented .. or better yet, want to present a topic Ö just send me an email and let me know!!



Cathy Pountney

GRAFUG Secretary

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