Meeting Recap for November 9, 2002

FoxPro News:

For the first time ever, Microsoft has made a beta release of Visual FoxPro available to the general public (i.e. anyone with an internet connection).  Check out the Visual FoxPro website, or click here for a link to this *free* download.

Main Presentation:

We were honored to have two speakers this month, who each presented a session which they will be giving at next week's Great Lakes Great Database Workshop in Milwaukee.  We really appreciate them taking the time to come an speak for us.

The first session was on automating MapPoint 2002, by Steve Bodnar, founder of Geeks and Gurus, Inc., a Detroit-area software development company.  Steve showed us what MapPoint is, what you can do with it interactively, and most importantly, what you can do with it programmatically using Visual FoxPro and VFP data.  Steve's session included several examples of practical uses for MapPoint and automation with MapPoint.  This session made it clear just how valuable this tool can be, especially for anyone in a service industry, or writing software for service industries.  (contact Cathy for link to .zip file)

The next session was presented by Rick Schummer, a partner in Geeks and Gurus, author, and conference speaker.  His session covered several techniques for becoming more productive with Visual FoxPro.  He pointed out several of the tools and productivity features of VFP itself, which are either overlooked by developers, or possibly even unknown to them.  Rick also showed us some ways to enhance and manipulate these tools to increase their usefulness.  In addition, he mentioned a couple third party tools, and some customizations that you might make to the development environment.  Integrating these tools and techniques into your day-to-day development could save you days, or even weeks, over the course of a year.  (contact Cathy for link to .zip file)

Next Meeting:

Next month we will hold elections for officers of GRAFUG.  All offices will be open to nomination (from the membership, of course):

If you would like to volunteer for any of these positions, or submit a nomination, please contact me at  We are also looking for a volunteer to bring doughnuts for December.  We don't have a topic lined up yet, either, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

As always, if there's anything that you'd be willing to present, or there's a topic that you would really like to cover at a future meeting, please send me an email and let me know.
I hope you find this information helpful, and if you have any comments, please send them to me. I look forward to seeing everyone at the next GRAFUG meeting!
Mike Potjer
GRAFUG President

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