Meeting Recap for January 12, 2002

FoxPro News:

It's official! VFP 7.0 Service Pack 1 was released today, and can be
downloaded from the VFP website ( 
Also, a new version of VFPCOM has been recently released. Although
updated for VFP 7, it still supports earlier versions of VFP. This
update can also be downloaded from the VFP site.

Main Presentation:

Our topic this month was Visual FoxPro Tips & Tricks (Part 2), presented
by me, and based on Drew Speedie's presentation at DevCon 2001.
If you have the session files from DevCon 2001, the example application
used for this presentation is included in those materials as

Cool Tool:

There was no Cool Tool presentation this month. If you've been looking
for the IntelliSense script that I wrote to duplicate the macro
expansion capability of the Cobb Editor Extensions (CEE), I have
submitted it to the Universal Thread VFP downloads area
( You may want to watch for it there
while we resolve the problems with our site. As of today, it was not
available there yet, but I hope it will be soon. If you're impatient
(like me <g>), you can send me an e-mail to request it.

Next Meeting:

The next GRAFUG meeting will take place on Saturday, February 9th, 2002.
The meeting will start at 11:00am and run till about 1:00pm or so.
The presentation for next month's meeting will be made by Glenn
Domeracki. He will be showing us his ClearAll utility, which completely
resets the VFP development environment with project-specific settings,
custom toolbars, and more.

As always, if there's anything that you'd be willing to present, or
there's a topic that you would really like to cover at a future meeting,
please send me an email and let me know (

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