Meeting Recap for December 8, 2001

FoxPro News:

Ken Levy, FoxPro guru and head of marketing for Visual FoxPro, has asked
the FoxPro community to help promote product awareness by including the
address of the FoxCentral community portal (
in the signature line of all your communications (where appropriate, of
course). FoxCentral is beginning to attract attention at Microsoft, and
continues to grow. One of the unique features of the site is that it is
available as a web service, making it easy (especially with VFP 7!) to
read content from the site, and even add information of your own! If
you've never been to the site, or haven't been there recently, be sure
to check in from time to time.

Main Presentation:

Our topic this month was Visual FoxPro Tips & Tricks, presented by me,
and based on Drew Speedie's presentation at DevCon 2001. A lot of
questions and discussion made for a very interesting (and rather long)

Cool Tool:

The cool tool for this month was also presented by me. It's an
IntelliSense script that I wrote to duplicate the keyword expansion
capability that many of us have come to rely on in the Cobb Editor
Extensions (CEE). It expands items recursively, prompts the user for a
value when an item isn't defined in IntelliSense, and supports default
values for items that require a user prompt.

Next Meeting:

The next GRAFUG meeting will take place on Saturday, January 12th, 2002.
The meeting will start at 11:00am and run till about 1:00pm or so.
Since this month's meeting ran long, we will continue with Visual FoxPro
Tips & Tricks again next month. If you weren't able to attend this
month, and have some tips and/or tricks that you'd like to share with
the group, you'll have another opportunity next month (

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