Meeting Recap for November 10, 2001

FoxPro News:

1. The "word on the street" is that there will be an update to VFP 7
available by the end of the year. No new features are planned for this
release; it will just address bugs in the current version.

2. Hentzenwerke Publishing (, the premier source
for books on VFP, and software development in general, has announced
five new books that are in the works. One of them, "The Visual FoxPro
Report Writer - Pushing it to the Limits", is being written by member,
co-founder, and original president of GRAFUG, Cathy Pountney. Cathy
wants to be as thorough as possible, but she doesn't have *all* the
answers, so she'd really like your help. Do you have a knotty report
writer problem that you just can't solve, or for which you came up with
a clever solution? If so, Cathy would really appreciate it if you would
email it to her at Who knows, maybe you'll get
to see your name in print! Please note, Cathy will not be able to
respond immediately to all problems that you send to her. However, if
she does find a solution and includes it in the book, she'll be sure to
let the originating person know the answer.

Main Presentation:

Our topic this month was Project Objects and Project Hooks, presented by
Rick Bean. The projects collection, project objects, and project hooks
are features that were added to VFP 6.0. Rick demonstrated how to
access the projects collection, and work with a specific project within
that collection. He showed us a technique that his company uses to make
a text file backup of a project, which can be restored again if anything
happens to the original project files. He also talked to us about the
ProjectHook class, how to setup a project with a project hook, and
showed us some useful tasks that can be accomplished using a project

Cool Tool:

There was no cool tool presentation this month. However, in a follow-up
to the cool tool session from our June meeting, Mike Potjer informed the
group that Steve Sawyer's ViewEditor has been released to the general
public. The latest version, along with several other cool tools, can be
downloaded from his company website,

Open Discussion:

The meeting concluded with a brief discussion period.

1. One member related the problem he was having with QuickBooks and VFP.
It seems that if VFP is sitting idle in the background, QuickBooks will
crash when an attempt is made to generate a report. Unfortunately, no
one was able to shed any light on this problem, so if you know something
that we don't, we'd love to here from you.

2. The group was reminded that a great resource for assistance with VFP
problems is the Universal Thread ( You can
join for free, and the VFP message area is visited frequently by members
of Microsoft's Visual FoxPro team, as well as other talented members of
the FoxPro community.

Is there something you really want added (or fixed?) in the next version
of VFP? The Universal Thread has an area called the Visual FoxPro Zone
(, which includes, among
other things, a link to a wish list for the next version of VFP (code
named "Toledo"). In addition to submitting your own entries, you can
read and comment upon the suggestions of others.

Next Meeting:

The next GRAFUG meeting will take place on Saturday, December 8th. The
meeting will start at 11:00am and run till 1:00pm (or later).

As of yet, I don't have a specific main presentation or cool tool
presentation scheduled for the December 8th meeting. If there's anything
that you'd be willing to present, or there's a topic that you would
really like to cover, please send me an email and let me know (

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